I am a creator.  I am an artist.  I'm a poet, a musician, a graphic designer.  I'm a joy-seeker, lover of life, inspired focuser of energy.  I love the synthesis of various mediums, textures, images, words, and lifeforms.  I love to see the blending of different aspects of life into amalgamations.  I love when something is filtered through another thing, revealing the interconnectedness and harmony of all things.  I strive to experience the inter-dimensional, the psychedelic, the fabric of reality itself.  I see poems in texture.  I hear music in philosophy.  I feel truth, guidance, love, and solidity in the fluid, the in-between, the intangible, and the birthing of something new in every moment, in the eternal expansion of all that is.

This universe is based upon attraction, and inclusion.  When you say no to something, you're actually saying yes to the thing that you do not want.  'Yes' to something you do want brings it.  'No' to something you don't want brings it.



I began my journey in Oceanside, San Diego, in southern California.  Growing up with talented parents, I gained a great appreciation for art, music, and technology.   While I was in high school, I played guitar and was the lead singer in a cover band called Jed Planet with my friends.  We played at all the dances and school functions.  Around this time I had also created a massively popular website for skateboarders called Smith and Feeble.com.  I remember it being #1 on Yahoo when you entered the search word "skateboarding."  It was one of the greatest resources on-line for skateboarders at the time.


My first job after high school was in a college library, where I used the vast resources to seek out the deepest philosophies and laws of the universe.  I stubbornly wanted to know why I was here and what this life was all about.  At the same time I was exploring various art forms with a talented entourage of friends.  I spent a lot of time doing black ink drawings of abstract forms, and writing "random" poetry that verged on speaking in tongues.  I also regularly played guitar and sang original songs in a local café.  Finally finding some philosophical answers in the words of Alan Watts, and becoming infinitely fascinated by several mystical experiences of my own, the basis of my life began to take form.


At the age of 21, I traveled north, landing in Humboldt county, northern California, where I still reside.  Around that time, I discovered the teachings of Abraham, a group of non-physical entities projecting their consciousness through a wonderful woman who "channels" their thought through her words.  This philosophy, based upon the Law of Attraction, forms the nucleus of my now-understanding about what and why life is and how it works.  I highly recommend that anyone interested in philosophy check out Abraham-Hicks--they really inspire me.

Working for five years as a dishwasher in the local brewery (Six Rivers Brewery) [my second job], I met a beautiful girl who I fell in love with and subsequently bore me a son.  Living here in northern California with my family, I have begun to dive more deeply into my life's work.


Recently, I've rekindled my interest in web design as I began collaborating with a close colleague, Gary Davis, on his brainchild "Booty Shakin' Music Productions."  Booty Shakin' is a new promotion company for musicians and artists wanting to perform in the Humboldt area.  Gary has orchestrated several concerts and events in our neck of the woods featuring a wide array of talented people.  I've had the pleasure of designing his website: www.bootyshakinmusicproductions.com

and various posters, handbills, and advertisements for his events.  It has been my pleasure to create graphics and web content designed to promote these artists and gatherings.  This has inspired me to begin creating posters and graphics for others as well.


As I flesh out www.dripdropdesign.com, you'll see bits, samples, artworks, and links pertaining to all of my varied interests, as well as updates to keep you posted on all of my current projects.


While many of my projects have been explorations rather than presentations, there have been many exciting artistic manifestations.  As I look back through various artworks that I still have archived, I can see the thread of inspiration, of fascination, that has fueled me on this journey.  As I move forward, it is my mission to bring the intangible, eternal, and esoteric aspects of life into the foreground; to express the infinite nature of our beings in ever expanding ways; to share the beauty and excitement that I've found with others.  I will also include poetry, essays, and fictional writings to explore and play with this ever-expanding multi-dimensional clay called life.




  I can create logos, branding for your company, posters, fliers, brochures, menus, labels, business cards, signs, etc.  I can create album artwork, and clothing designs for musicians and other artists.  I know how to work in both raster and vector formats.  I can work in both raw and digital mediums, as well as combining and converting between them.  I have talent in the use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and a slew of different graphic design modalities.  I have functionality across multiple tablets and smart phone applications.


  I have artistic sensibilities that are influenced from multiple decades of experience in different art forms and artistic inquiries.  I believe that all the experiences of my life contribute to my ability to create unique and inspiring pieces.  Each project and each piece, for me, is a journey of learning and exploration.  Every time I create a new piece, I add to my overall experience, perspective, and knowledge of artistic expression.


  I can work well with others, and I enjoy collaborative art creation as well.  I love to put visuals to someone else's vision, and the satisfaction of creating something functional and appealing to the client or audience, while still unique and interesting.  I especially like working with other artists and entrepreneurs.  If you're looking for someone to help bring your product, brand, image, or message to life, or just generally looking for an artist to collaborate with, consider contacting me about your next project.


I'm also somewhat of a beginner animator.  This animated .gif was created with Adobe After Effects.  I also love playing with VJ effects.  And having fun!  Cheers!






  I have experience in writing, playing, recording, mixing, collaborating, and in general jamming music.  Making and/or listening to music accounts for a huge chunk of my life.  And honestly, I'm excited about participating in any art form.  I'll sculpt.  I'll paint.  I'll play instruments.  I'll sing.  I love it all.


  While I'm not producing a lot of shareable music of my own right now, I'm one of those people who spends a lot of time listening to music.  If you're ever curious what I've been getting into lately, tune into the Drip Drop Soundcloud and check out some likes or reposts from other artists I've appreciated.  I actually just recommend Soundcloud in general, if you've never tried it.  I've been constantly delighting in music I've found in the cloud.


  Music is absolutely my favorite thing.  Or at least one of them.  I love musicians, being around them, being one of them, participating with them, all of it.


  I feel like any amount of music or participation with it, or with any art form, at any level, is so beneficial for us.  I would encourage anyone, anytime, anyplace, to make music.  Dance.  Play.  Paint.  Make art.  Enjoy artful things.  It will enhance your life.  I have a deep respect for anyone who creates art, as it sustains and expands us in a way that nothing else can.  And at the same time, I believe that you can't really define precisely where art begins or ends, as with a lot of things.  Therefore all of you are eternal, masterful artists, in the art form of life, and I applaud and appreciate you.



I began doing web design while I was still in middle school.  I created and ran a very successful skateboarding website called Smith & Feeble.com all through high school.  It no longer exists, so don't go looking.  But since then I've worked on a few different projects for people.  Aside from what you'll see here on DripDropDesign.com,   www.bootyshakinmusicproductions.com is a good example of a recent web creation of mine.  I created, run and maintain the website, and take care of all the updates and webmaster duties for that client.


If you're in need of a spiffy website to promote yourself or your company, I might just be the person to design and maintain it for you.  Really just let me know exactly what you want, and I can make it look and function like that.  Let's do great things together!





  With regard to writing, I feel like I'm a pretty good writer.  I'm good with words.  I've always enjoyed writing.  I've written several short fictions and also enjoy writing about... well anything I find uplifting and inspiring, really.


  One of the most unique and interesting forms of writing I've come to love is somewhat like a mixture of 'free-writing' (like an improvisational style of writing exactly what comes to your mind, before it is filtered or thought upon too long) and abstract and/or nonsensical poetry; playing with words to no end.  I'll give you an example:


  Enigmatic ensembles elevate impermeably

And tumble dusted spoken salamanders impeccable, emblematic ineffable

And intrepid soul expected wool wafers to waft upon its waking wonderment

And spools of paper pondered which tempered blatant words to blanket worlds with hurtled sentient swirls of dedication amidst

Emphatically adamant magnets detached from cabinet aggregates


  Engaged in gradient waves of clay embossed with the flame of lossless rain draining

And explaining in a way, the containing nature of displaying mazes plainly and painless

Entrained by famously tasting places and ways with which days can switch nameless games


  And their timing fortunately wanes as the bygones behave their swaying sameness

Latently taming this, behaved in numbers

Seamless bundles of fun curves mumbled of tons swerving, unerring terabytes compare the flights of squirrels with the likes of pearls, whose burgeoning turtles tickled the mortals with marbles and portal-ed them in the warbles.  In sorted piles of dormant dials down corridors decorating second makings of races of hoards of clouds and well meaning dictionaries.  They embodied the creation of a definite seasoning, which was summoned spontaneously and magnificently into cantankerous infancy.  Quite a fancy it was and its plugs were fluently available to entailment.


  Concordant concurrent coordinates blurred with indeterminate surges, curving in the wordless myrrh and indeterminate fervor.


  Parrots beckoning and step on things with curling wings of singsong merriment, staring it, tearing it down to nary an amulet or buried blimp of any time or tint, rhyme or wit, contrived or sipped, as upon a dripping berry, or a mixture of hairy deals.  No big wheels.  Just zeal.   You know the shpiel.


Sense & Nonsense

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